New water to stream in Bagmati waterway in Shivaratri

An arrangement is in progress to stream new water in the Bagmati River upon the arrival of Mahashivaratri celebration this Thursday. The water from Melamchi that was directed to Sundarijal will be redirected into the stream.

Fresh water to flow in Bagmati river in Shivaratri (1)

The Ministry of Drinking Water shared an arrangement to stream clean water in the Bagmati where numerous revelers will take sacred plunge on the day.

Water level is step by step expanding in the blessed waterway with the appearance of Melmachi water at Sundarijal, shared Ministry representative Ramesh Neupane.

As the water of Melamchi project has been delivered to its stockpile burrow since last February 19, it has shown up at Sundarijal last Saturday. He further said water gathered in the passage has been delivered to the waterway.

The service has additionally made an arrangement to tidy up the passage for quite a while after the arrival of water.

It will take extra one-and-a-half month to tidy up the passage and do its test, shared the Melamchi Drinking Water Development Committee.

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