Lahore cart driver captured for killing four-year-old

The youngster was killed one month back

  • The Lahore police have captured a cart driver for killing a four-year-old in Shalimar one month prior.

The kid’s dad had charged the suspect, Asif, of having illegal relations with his better half. The man guaranteed that Asif was the dad of his youngster.

He said that the lady advised him to quit meeting significantly more than one her better half made those allegations. He at that point captured the youngster and killed him.

Examination Officer Zameer Malik said that the suspect was participating in the chasing parties for the kid due to which they didn’t presume him previously.

Asif and the youngster’s mom had known each other throughout the previous seven years. The lady’s aunties and different family members would regularly utilize his cart when they needed to go out to shop.

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