KMC begins developing street around Karachi’s Mehmoodabad nullah

The work to augment the stormwater channel is likewise in progress

  • The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation has begun developing street on one or the other side of the Mehmoodabad nullah in Karachi.

The stormwater channel has been gotten free from all infringements and the work to augment it is in progress.

The KMC Works and Services Department as a team with the Sindh government and area organization is enlarging the Mehmoodabad nullah.

The KMC will guarantee cleaning of the stormwater channel before the rainstorm season so that individuals couldn’t confront challenges during the downpours, Karachi Administrator Laeeq Ahmed said.

The KMC began eliminating infringements around the Mehmoodabad nullah in January. The activity was finished in a month.

A 7.5km segment of the channel was cleared from Manzoor Colony Fire Station to Korangi Road. The KMC crushed 239 houses and other solid designs. Of them, 58 houses were totally crushed.

The KMC will set up street and green belts around the nullah with the goal that the land couldn’t be infringed once more.

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