Government not thinking about correction to Digital Security Act: law serve

Law Minister Anisul Huq has precluded the chance of the public authority changing the Digital Security Act now.

  • He says the public authority is somewhat attempting to stop the maltreatment of the law.

The pastor offered the remarks in the midst of fights for the annulment of the Act following the demise of author Mushtaq Ahmed in prison after his capture for a situation began under the law.

Government not considering amendment to Digital Security Act (1)

Huq confronted columnists on Friday at his home in Barhmanbaria’s Kosba where he ventured out to go to an occasion.

“We are as yet not contemplating revising the law. What we are doing is attempting to stop its maltreatment,” he said when gotten some information about the public authority’s arrangement on the Digital Security Act.

Prior, he said he had started examining approaches to stop the control of the law with the UN’s Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights before the demise of Mushtaq.

They will sit again next Thursday to contrast the law and the best computerized security rehearses around the globe, the pastor said.

“We will make whatever strides are needed to stop the abuse and maltreatment of the law,” he added.

Other than the common society in Bangladesh, global basic liberties associations have likewise brought up criticisms against the Digital Security Act.

Parliament passed the Act in September, 2018 by dropping the much-censured Section 57 of the ICT Act and some different parts. By the by, worries over the conceivable abuse of the law remained.

Presently, many are highlighting Mushtaq’s passing in pre-preliminary detainment as ‘verification’ that their feelings of dread were defended.

The Rapid Action Battalion captured Mushtaq at his Lalmatia home on May 6 a year ago in the midst of the Covid emergency.

Subsequently, he was accused of spreading disinformation against the public authority via web-based media under the Digital Security Act.

The appointed authority dismissed a few bail petitions of Mushtaq, while activists showed on a few events requesting his delivery.

The demise of the 53-year-old at Kashimpur High Security Prison in Gazipur on Feb 25 set off fights and judgment. The dissidents have restored the interest for nullification of the law too.

On Mar 1, BBC Bangla broadcast a report where the law serve was cited as saying: “another measure has been wanted to guarantee that nobody will be captured or named for a situation until the police examination is finished after a grievance is made under the Act.”

Many idea subsequently that the public authority was thinking about changing the law. At the point when Huq was gotten some information about the public authority’s arrangements in regards to the enactment at an occasion at Akhaura Railway Junction on Friday morning, he answered, “You’ll will see it in a couple of days.”

In view of his remark, some news sources at the time announced that the law is being amended. Hours after the fact, the pastor precluded the change of the law.

Huq said the demise of Mushtaq in prison was “deplorable” and “stunning”, however it was likewise characteristic and has “no association” with the Digital Security Act.

He protected the Act saying that the same old thing, with the exception of the “specialized ones”, has been remembered for it.

“The arrangements in the Digital Security Act are additionally there in the Penal Code,” he said.

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