Ang Tshiring Sherpa Memorial Golf Tournament starts

The customs for the competition got going with attendants from Yeti Airlines inviting the visitors.

  • Deepak Acharya, Senior Golf Director at Gokarna Forest Resort, said, “We began the enlistment interaction at 7 AM and we have 76 members enrolled for the competition.”

The debut occasion of the competition began with Chanda Sherpa, Managing Director of Yeti Group, lighting a light and embellishing the picture of late Ang Tshiring with a ‘khada’ at 7:45 am. It was then trailed by a moment of quiet to pay tribute to late Ang Tshiring, the golf player with a major heart.

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“The competition formally began with Chanda Sherpa hitting the main tee,” Acharya educated.

The golf competition holds a major significance for the Yeti Airlines family, as they regard Ang Tshiring for his work as well as his affection for the games.

“Ang Tshiring was an eager golf player and any individual who realizes him will vouch for the reality on the amount he adored the game and aided individuals along,” shared Acharya.

In the mean time, Anoj Rimal, CEO of Yeti Airlines, referenced that the golf competition holds a major significance for the ‘Sasquatch’ family. “As golf was a significant piece of life for Ang Tshiring this competition is a path for us to recollect him and honor his life however he isn’t with us any longer. This is a route for us to recollect him!” he added.

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